Lenovo USA ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen 2 135W (40AN0135US) Dual UHD 4K Display Capability, 2 HDMI, 2 DP, USB-C, USB…

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Ports: 2x HDMI; 2x DisplayPort; 1x Thunderbolt 3 Gen 2.
Ports: 1x USB-C (Thunderbolt 3 compatible); 4x USB 3. 1 Gen 2; 1x USB 3. 1 Gen 2 with Always-on charging.



Maximize Your Productivity with a Thunderbolt 3 Dock; Powerful, versatile and incredibly fast! This Intel Thunderbolt Chipset powered Thunderbolt Dock Gen 2 invented to boost productivity with extended compatibility on both USB-C and Thunderbolt enabled laptop. Expand your horizons with multiple 4K displays, and transfer files at record speed. It’s everything you need to enhance your creativity and efficiency today. Expand compatibility on USB-C and Thunderbolt systems: Dual UHD Displays provide the best video experience. Enhanced performance with professional video solutions and exclusive network manageability. The ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen 2 is supported on the following Lenovo systems: ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen (Machine Types: 20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 20JG); ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen (Machine Types: 20LD, 20LE); ThinkPad T570 (Machine Types: 20H9, 20HA, 20JW, 20JX); ThinkPad P51s (Machine Types: 20HB, 20HC, 20JY, 20K0); ThinkPad T580 (Machine Types: 20L9, 20LA); ThinkPad P52s (Machine Types: 20LB, 20LC).

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
Ports: 2x HDMI; 2x DisplayPort; 1x Thunderbolt 3 Gen 2.
Ports: 1x USB-C (Thunderbolt 3 compatible); 4x USB 3. 1 Gen 2; 1x USB 3. 1 Gen 2 with Always-on charging.
1x RJ-45 Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T; 1x Audio Connector (3. 5mm). 1x Security-lock slot (lock sold separately).
The dock is supported on the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7; Microsoft Windows 10.
In the Box: Dock; 135W Power Adapter and Power Cord; Thunderbolt 3 cable; Documentation.
Compatible Devices: Compatible With ; Thinkpad E490S , L480, P51S, P52S, T470, T480, T480S, T570, T580, X 2Nd Gen. X1 Yoga 2Nd Gen. , X1 Yoga 3Rd Gen. , X 2Nd Gen X280
Connectivity Technology: Rj45; Usb; Ethernet

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20 reviews for Lenovo USA ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen 2 135W (40AN0135US) Dual UHD 4K Display Capability, 2 HDMI, 2 DP, USB-C, USB…

  1. Ted

    UPDATE: less than 3 weeks in use and the USB ports stopped working. Packed it up and sending it back.Here’s my lay person’s review. I set this up myself yesterday on my brand new Thinkpad X1 Gen 8, and so far so good. Connected Ethernet, second monitor, wireless mouse/keyboard, and iPhone charger. It’s powering the laptop fine but not the second monitor, so that’s still plugged into the wall. I’m not exactly sure if it’s even supposed to power the monitor too.I’d give it a five except for the fact that I’ve only used it for one day, and all the port labels are minuscule and pale gray in color: bright white would have helped.

  2. Steve M

    This dock is hard to review for me, but I’ll try and share my experiences to help others who may be considering it. Ultimately it’s working for what I need, but not without some struggles.First, my use case: I wanted a single dock that I could connect my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (2017) and my MacBook Pro (2020) to in order to use my 2 external monitors (including 4k) and shared keyboard, mouse, and camera. Needing something to connect to both Mac and PC complicated my issue. If you just have one or the other, there may likely be simpler and cheaper solutions.Experience: The first thing I did after connecting was update the firmware (believe you can only do this from PC). I read several reviews talking about display issues. Firmware upgrade was pretty easy. One thing it doesn’t tell you is once everything is complete (important, do not do this until you are sure the firmware is upgraded or you may brick it!) unplug the power, wait 15 seconds and power it back on. I had issues until I took this step.Monitors: I read about issues on Macs with getting 3 displays so I knew I needed to connect one to the front thunderbolt input with an HDMI or DP to Thunderbolt adapter. Cheap and easy to find on Amazon, so no big deal. I was able to get all three screens and arrange them how I wanted. When I plug the Macbook in it remembers the settings. So far no issues there. PC also works great with this same config. I have one monitor connected to a DP port on the back, and the other to the front with the adapter.Audio, USB Peripherals: No issues, keyboard and mouse (Windows ones) were easy to set up on the Macbook and work just fine. Camera and other USB items connect just fine. Audio works too, all good here.Power: The dock is supplied with a 135w power supply, and has a slot for a second (or replacement) 230w adapter sold separately. This is a proprietary connector, and the second power supply adds close to 50% to the cost of the dock, so be aware if you have a high power draw laptop. I happened to have an old 65w power supply which I plugged into the second port and then was able to charge my Macbook. Not sure if this is officially supported or not, but it is working.Network: I did run into an issue with the Macbook where it didn’t see the wired connection, which is where the reboot of the dock fixed it. It’s able to used the wired connection and delivering ~850 Mbps speeds on my 1G connection. However I have run into one major issue here which I will go into next.There is a known issue with no fix (as of late October 2020) where this dock in certain situations will create a LAN storm and shut down your wired network. I have experienced this, and I haven’t tested everything on the Lenovo forum thread, but it was suggested it may be tied to using the front Thunderbolt port, or just having a Macbook connected and going to sleep. While in use, it’s not an issue, it’s when the machine sleeps. Other wired machines on the same network segment lose their internet. It looks to have something to do with how the dock advertises the router to the connected machine, but again, I have not thoroughly investigated. For me, I can work around by either plugging the second monitor into another port on the laptop, or using an adapter to plug the ethernet into the laptop, or just going wireless.But if you must have a single cable solution, multiple extended monitors, and wired ethernet, beware you might have problems.Overall, it’s meeting my needs, but not without some issues to get there and some less than ideal results. Som things I’d give 5 stars, other one, so I end up in the middle. If your needs are similar to mine and you are fairly technical, it may work well, but I have to hope there is a simpler solution out there. If Lenovo acknowledges and fixes the LAN storm issue I’d raise my rating to 4 stars.

  3. Shannon Fulton

    So I did a TON of research on these docks when selecting one. It was incredibly important to have SEVERAL HDMI ports for my external monitors and PLENTY of USB ports for my mouse, keyboard, webcam, speakers, ringlight, chargers, and more. I have used EVERY port in this thing – and it worked BEAUTIFULLY with my Lenovo brand laptop.Once I upgraded to the Dell XPS 15, I did notice that it doesn’t integrate quite as well and needed to be plugged directly into the wall to power everything that it needed to power. There are times that it just doesn’t register and I am without my external monitors, my ethernet, and all my accessories, and it requires rebooting to get it to work. It’s probably on me that I’m using a different brand of laptop with this, but was under the impression that it would work either way.I do think there could be some improvements on this – especially if you’re running as many options as I am. If you have a lenovo thinkpad, this is the purchase for you! If you don’t, maybe consider your other options.If this review helped you – please leave a thumbs-up!(I was not paid or incentivized in any way to give this review. I purchased this product with my own hard-earned money!)

  4. DoctorOfRock

    I have a brand new (2020) ThinkPad laptop that is supposedly compatible with this (expensive) dock. I’m driving two external monitors that by today’s standards are very low-resolution (nowhere near 4k), plus some low-power USB peripherals. This dock exhibited the following behavior:1) Random monitor dropouts, generally requiring me to disconnect and re-connect the dock2) Random Ethernet dropouts (not at the same time as monitor dropouts), a total disaster during video calls.3) Random USB dropouts (not at the same time as monitor dropouts), a total disaster during video calls.4) Poor bandwidth for basic, almost-archaic USB peripherals like a ~2012 Webcam.5) Warned about “slow charge” (even with the 135W adapter connected) unless I plugged in supplementary power to the laptopI tried every software update, firmware update, disabling-of-this-and-that that the Internet had to offer.Good news, though! I replaced this with a $60 generic dock (which I won’t name, lest I seem to be selling another product) and everything is working swimmingly. No firmware or drivers to even mess with. I can stream 500Mbps Internet, Webcam, microphone, and my two displays with no glitches. Returned the Lenovo dock right away!

  5. Eric A. Smalling

    UPDATE2: Moving back to 3 stars as I discovered that the main problem is that if you so much as bump the TB3 cable (between the dock and your laptop) it drops sync. Given the number of complaints about dropouts here and on Reddit I’m guessing this is a problem with the TB3 plug on the back of the dock, not isolated to me. I get the same problem using a 2018 MacBook Pro with a discrete GPU (plenty of power to drive these monitors).UPDATE: Originally rated 4 star but after continued use, I am seeing a lot of dropouts and loss of one or both external monitors so I’m dropping to 1 star. It has become obvious to me that this dock and/or the X1 Yoga is underpowered for driving dual 4K monitors at 60hz. If I could return this, I would.Bought one of these to go with an X1 Yoga (Gen 3) with the hopes of cleaning up cable clutter and driving 2 external 4K monitors, both at 60Hz.TL;DR version:You’ll need a DisplayPort (HDMI 2.0 might also work) cable for one monitor and a Thunderbold 3 -> DisplayPort cable for the other. Monitor 1 goes into one of the DP ports on the back of the dock and monitor 2 via the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port on the front of the dock. Both monitors need to have DisplayPort 1.2 turned on and not be in daisy-chaining mode.Per Windows 10 display settings, my monitors:1: Yoga’s Internal LCD 2560 x 1440 @59Hz2: Dell P2715Q displaying 3840×2160 @ 59Hz3: LG 27UD69P displaying 2160×3840 @ 59Hz (Portrait orientation)On the Dell, I had to go into the on-screen menu and disable “MST” under the “Display” menu item. (This is where you tell it to run as the primary or secondary if daisy-chaining)On the LG, I had to go into the on-screen menu and enable “DisplayPort 1.2” under the “General” menu item. (Disabling that restricted it to 30Hz for some reason)Your mileage may vary but this is how I got it working for me after deciphering multiple documents from Lenovo’s support site and Reddit forums.

  6. Todd P.

    If you use it with one monitor, it works fine. Not so much with two monitors.I have 3 unit of this docking station. Using them with different laptop computers and monitors. All of them shows the same symptoms. The dual monitor setup, the monitors blink randomly. Sometimes they blink a couple times. Sometimes both never turned back on. Sometimes only one never turned back on. My laptops are Lenovo ThinkPad P53, Lenovo ThinkPad T490 and Razor Blade 15 2020.One thing I noticed is the dock is really hot. I can’t hold my fingers on the HDMI connector for a long time.I called the customer support, they didn’t want to do anything to help me. I told them I have 3 of this and they all acts the same. Hoping to work with them so they can come up with a firmware fix. All they did was send me a replacement one. Of course, it didn’t fix the problem.I ended up replacing mine with a different brand. No issue at all.

  7. Justin

    Finally i decided to write something about the performance with macOS.Well, everyone knows this is a pretty tb3 dock, and i use it with my DELL 5290 2-in-1 (2* tb3 ports), everything works fine, power delivery, DP output 4K@60zh, HDMI output 4K@60hz, ethernet, extra tb3 port, all checked, it is a perfect dock if you want to a reliable TB3 connection.However, in my scenario i also want to use it with my macbook pro, 2017, 15inch. the fact is, i can’t get the 4k@60hz from its own DP/HDMI ports, i have to use USB-C to DP/HDMI cable to connect it through the tb3 port at front panel, otherwise i have to run at 4k@30hz@HIDPI OR (QHD@60hz but without HIDPI). i have tried to intall the latest firmware through its website but no luck, it’s really bad but we cant blame lenovo. anyway they designed it to support its own laptops (windows), the macOS support will never on its roadmap. but still a bit shame.Nov 2019, yesterday I updated the dock firmware to the latest 3164 version by a windows laptop, then switch back to macbook pro with macOS Catalina10.15.1, now I can get the 4k 60hz from the dock’s dp. great work.the problem is, it looks the power supply of the dock are not sufficient for the macbook pro anymore. the battery of the macbook pro drained quickly after i connected the display to the dock’s dp port. not sure if its firmware issue or i have too many payloads here. then i have to use the original power supply of the mbp to charge it. after did some research, i connected a secondary power adapter to its 230w port, now the dock is chargd by two power bricks and then it can charge the mbp again. all done now.

  8. JW

    X1 Carbon Gen 6. Some places says this works. Some says it doesn’t. Works with the Gen 5 and Gen 7 but not the Gen 6. My mistake for not reading the fine print, but does it need to be THIS difficult to find a compatible device?One star across the board for Lenovo being terrible about making finding the right product easy. I agree with the comments on their support site. I’m getting this for a work machine, and though there are solutions out there to swap out the power supply for a more powerful one, I’m not going to take that chance. On to another product, and hopefully not one from Lenovo!

  9. Amazon Customer

    This is the most frustrating docking station I’ve used to date. The darn thing keeps shutting off in the middle of working.I own 2 of these. 1 at work, 1 at home. Work bought the first one through another vendor. I bought this one here. Both have the same issue. IT did a firmware update on the one at work; but it still turns off my monitors randomly throughout the day. Fun times when in the middle of a meeting on video conference. Everything just goes off. Time to look for a replacement.

  10. Hakan L.

    The docking station has nice build quality, lots of ports, but it’s not 100% compatible with the Lenovo Yoga C930. First it wasn’t detected as a thunderbolt device and the ethernet port wasn’t detected by the Yoga. After a few reboots/re-connects that actually started working. The power button on the docking station isn’t working (is amber).First when it didn’t find the network device I tried tech support but it was terrible, the “Ideapad” department sent me to the ThinkPad department, which sent me back to the “Ideapad” department, only to say that “there are 0 results that comes up when I search our tool so I can’t help you”, wow, talk about putting a lot of effort in… The Yoga is working fine with another docking station (Startech), so it’s definitely compatible with Thunderbolt 3/USB-C docking stations, just some initial issue with the one from Lenovo apparently. The Yoga C930 is from Nov 2018 so not very old. Now when the network issue is resolved and I’ve run a full day on this with two DP monitors I’m quite happy with it. I can live without using the power button on the docking station, but that and the initial issue (and lack of good tech support) takes off a star from an otherwise solid product. Granted, the Yoga C930 isn’t listed as compatible, but they have like 6 machines listed, and my friend’s X1 is working 100% and is not listed, so their documentation doesn’t seem to be too up-to-date (or they have only tested a handful of machines so far).

  11. Bryan Bickhart

    Bought the Thunderbolt 3 for my brand new Lenovo P52s. It successfully plugged and played both of my monitors. Audio output is delayed by over a second when my headphones are plugged into the docking station and it’s very annoying. I went to Lenovo support and was referred to install an updated driver, which I did. The audio delay is still there and now my computer crashes frequently. I also had issues with my monitors waking up from sleep mode. I returned this junk docking station and am now just running one monitor directly off my PC. The audio works fine and the computer doesn’t crash. Hey Lenovo, how about selling things that work correctly out of the box?

  12. MarkOfWA

    While the thunderbolt3 interface in the laptop recognizes the docking station, and video ports in the docking station, none of the USB ports on the docking station work, even for a keyboard. The downstream thunderbolt3 port on the dock doesn’t work either. All thunderbolt devices are set to “always connect” including the Lenovo dock, which is plugged directly into the Lenovo thunderbolt3 port. The dock also will not power the laptop through thunderbolt or any other means.Since both Laptop and dock come from Lenovo, and they are supposed to work together, this item deserves the lowest possible rating for not working out of the box. Even the laptop power patch cord shown in the dock instructions was not included, and the item description fails miserably to explain that a more expensive option that ships with a 230w power supply is the only apparent way to use the dock to power the laptop.There are ZERO troubleshooting instructions and no instructions about acquiring drivers or diagnostic software when this piece of garbage fails to work in even the most basic ways.After hours on the phone with Lenovo support, they could not get this waste of time and space to work. Very likely to be sending it back. 100% garbage.

  13. jimolson

    This is a well designed product that target’s Lenovo’s Thinkpad line of laptops. Bought it to go with a new Carbon X1 Generation 6 that Lenovo sold prior to introduction of Gen 7.Although I did eventually get my Thinkpad and docking station to work with each other, it was a stretch. And Lenovo’s website was almost worthless during the process.I suggest the following to Lenovo:1. When you are trying to blow out a lot of last-generation Thinkpads to make way for a newer ones, you’ll have a ton of new Thinkpad owners who are candidates for a docking station. Why must we go on a internet hunt for a compatible one? Why doesn’t the box the Thinkpad comes in contain a flyer that announces “this is where you go to get the dock”?2. Technical articles on Lenovo’s website are ambiguous (and in some cases, flat wrong) about the compatibility of the Gen 2 Dock with Carbon X1 Gen 6. I purchased the docking station fully expecting that the product would not work with my new Thinkpad. Why is this necessary?3. The box that the docking station arrives in should contain documentation pointing to a Lenovo website that answers basic installation questions like “does my Thinkpad’s BIOS need refreshing and where do I obtain that new BIOS?” and “does Windows 10 need a Lenovo driver download to use the docking station?”4. I thought that yellow was an internationally agreed-upon color to signify that something isn’t working properly or that the user needs to be wary. Does the yellow LED that glows in the center of the docking station’s on/off switch mean that the docking station isn’t working correctly? If the docking station is functioning properly, does the on/off switch eventually turn green?This is a wonderful docking station with a lot of engineering behind it, but there needs to be a bit more customer hand holding behind it at time of sale and installation with Lenovo’s Thinkpads.

  14. PENdragon

    Dock works well and as expected with my Lenovo T14 and Dell XPS 13 9380, however the Dell XPS 13 9360 is an odd Thunderbolt duckling. Plugging it into the rear upstream TBT3 port it will not recognize the connection so no external monitor. If you want to use an external monitor with the 9360 you’ll need to plug it into the downstream TBT3 port on the front of the dock. That also means the laptop will need to be plugged into power as downstream port does not supply enough at 15w. Don’t bother calling Dell or Lenovo for help working it out though, each has cooties in the other’s opinion. As with most standards in technology, Thunderbolt Certified means nothing. Best of luck to all.

  15. DL

    Bought it at used price but essentially a brand new product, also very well packed, thank you! Already have another model (40AC0135US) which works well. The difference is this one has 2 Display Ports and the other has 1 Display and 1 VGA ports, among several other ports for both models. With a DP-VGA adapter, this Dock can work with VGA as well. Due care must be exercised as the Thunderbolt port and USB C port are identical and incorrect placement of Thunderbolt cable into the USB C port will not work for multi-monitors. Thunderbolt port is the correct choice. And be sure to select the proper power supply port as there are two power ports.

  16. Xander

    While this is advertised as a Thunderbolt 3 dock, it would be more accurate to call it a “USB-C dock with Thunderbolt 3 passthrough.”What I mean by that is, the displays aren’t actually driven by Thunderbolt 3 like other 3rd party docks, they’re USB displays powered by software called DisplayLink. This works fine for my wife’s Windows-based Thinkpad, but unfortunately it DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY on any of my MacOS devices. All the monitors plugged into this dock will be mirrored no matter what you do. This dock does not have “Dual” display capability unless you are on Windows.All the other USB 3.0 docks are in the $100-150 price range, which makes this thing way overpriced for what it actually is. Very disappointing. If you’re on Windows, get one of the cheaper USB docks, and if you’re on MacOS you’ll have to get one of the pricier ($300+) true Thunderbolt 3 docks, or go with a cheaper single-display USB dock since that’s what this ends up being. This product doesn’t make sense for anyone.

  17. Roy

    Year 2020 changed a lot everywhere. It was the WFH year for most IT professionals. Which meant you also need a fully working setup (stable internet, disturbance-proof silos, i.e. true work like env). This hub was to extend capabilities of a Lenovo T480 running MS Windows. I was almost ready to return this 135W (40AN0135US) hub, as I wouldn’t drive 2 additional (3 separate in total) screens with HDMI &/OR DVI. I tried new(er) and old(er) LCD (and LED) screens, nothing worked. Also, I needed something else working first. So, I also ordered the Gen 2 (40AS0090US). Somehow, that wouldn’t also run 3 screens. Just after I started the return for this item while starting to pack, I thought of adding the 90w psu that came with 40AS0090US to provide additional power to 40AN0135US. To my surprise, it worked as 3 screens. So 1 USB-C from laptop to this hub, and 2 DVI to monitors (1 full HD + 1 4K-UHD). MS Windows remembers the taskbar preferences and color schemes. The only thing that bothers me is that the power button blinks slowly in sleep mode, which is annoying at night in the bedroom. Also, It doesn’t work with MacBook Pro 2019 (I’m sure it won’t work with other MacBooks without drivers etc.)

  18. D. Avondale

    So every evening, seemingly at random, all of the wired clients on my network would be unreachable. After hours and hours of testing different aspects of my network, replacing a couple of small switches and even ordering a completely new router I figured out this dock was causing a broadcast storm, making all the wired clients on my network inaccessible.It got to the point where I ordered a new router and right before opening it and swapping out my current router, it dawned on me that this wired network outage happened every night at about the same amount of time after I stopped working. Basically, when the laptop connected to this dock would go into sleep mode, the dock created a broadcast storm. The second that I unplugged the Cat5 cable from this dock, all my wired clients were instantly accessible again.Lenovo support refuses to admit or recognize that this is a problem. All drivers and BIOS are up to date. Using a manually set IP seemed to fix the problem for a brief period but it happened again today. The second I removed the network cable….BOOM….wired network clients are back up. I’ve found threads on Lenovo support about other users experiencing this issue also.Complete garbage and really sours me on Lenovo. Seems like the only fix is to take a loss on this and buy a different dock.

  19. JB

    This dock would suit my needs nicely–EXCEPT, it reboots every few minutes, disabling monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. for a minute or so. I updated firmware and driver, cut power to the unit, rebooted computer, etc. numerous times. Ater several days of research, it seems this has been a known problem that Lenovo has not resolved. Sadly, I am returning it, as my old Dell dock worked better. Even though it is not supposed to be compatible with my ThinkPad, it performs better than this expensive model except it does not provide power to my ThinkPad. Fortunately, I found a model that works perfectly for me: Kensington Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station SD5600T (K34009US).

  20. Igor V. Zavoychinskiy

    My ThinkPad X1 Gen 7 laptop runs Linux (a Ubuntu derivative), but the manufacturer only guarantees compatibility with Windows, so I was a bit concerned if it would work well for me. However, it worked just fine. I didn’t notice a single issue with regard to the dock station.Some overview of my experience:- The keyboard/mouse attached to the station will NOT work during the cold boot. They will fine work during a soft reboot though.- I use 2 monitors (HD + 2K). Tried them via HDMI and DP connectors, and all the modes worked well. I managed to get 1920×1080@144Hz via DP. 2K is constrained to 60hz. I guess you should not expect anything better at 4K.- I loved the dedicated headphones/mic jack on the station’s front panel. It’s very convenient. However, it’s a separate audio device, so you can’t just switch the head set, you also need to change settings in the apps.- One feature that this station has and it’s not mentioned anywhere in the docs or amazon description is a power button. It’s not the station’s power button, it’s a “relay” to the laptop’s power button. By using it you can power on/off your laptop. Once, I managed to make my laptop sleeping via this button, but I have no idea how it happen. Alas, it’s not documented. I’d suggest that some OS support is needed.If you’re running Linux on ThinkPad X1 and want to use this station, make sure that:1. You have the latest firmware. They did a lot of fixes for Linux compatibility.2. The thunderbolt packages are installed and up to date.3. The docking station is properly enrolled (see “boltctl” for Ubuntu).All in all the station is made very solid. Couple of “not so well” things that did NOT affect my review:1. The station heats up a lot. It seems it consumes a significant amount of energy for own needs.2. The docs are too brief. It’s hard to figure how/if the USB ports are different.3. The power button behavior is not covered in the docs at all.UPDATE (-1 star). When I received a new 4K monitor (BENQ), I figured that this dock port cannot handle 4K+2K setup. I wonder how it can handle 2x4K then. I’ve spent hours trying different cables and settings, and the conclusion is: two high-res monitors simply won’t work via the station. The only working setup is attaching one of the monitors via the laptop’s HDMI/USB-C port. It can be a Linux issue though. I haven’t tested it on Windows.

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